Joe-CarrI got married in 2013. Like anyone else I wanted to be in top shape for my wife to be and those elusive wedding photos. I train regularly with free weights but struggle with cardio as I have a form dwarfism (pseudo achondroplasia) which leaves me limited – simple cardio such as running, cycling isn’t possible.

My good friend Adam suggested a personal regime which involved boxing. We trained for 8 weeks approx 3 times a week consisting of 12 rounds of 2 minute boxing circuit. Each round a different exercise. First couple of sessions Adam was quick to establish what exercise would be safe for me but also put me through my paces talking me through any new drills added to the circuit.

One of my many compliments I can give Adam is that he kept me accountable for my training. He was constantly reminding me of why we were here, why we were doing this. I was there for a reason and he let me know it!

A great motivator, professional, and skilled. With his passion for fitness and your determination you’re on to a winning combination.

I am so pleased to say that I was in great shape for my wedding and all the hard work payed off! Thanks mate.