Jo-FishAfter minutes of meeting Adam, I’d felt I was meeting up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in ages! How could a new face, someone I had never heard of or laid eyes upon before, make me feel this way? I was drawn to Adam immediately, his friendly happy disposition and positive outlook took effect on me instantaneously as our conversation turned into something more than a superficial welcome.

I had not been physically active for some time and had just returned from an overseas holiday with my husband and two boys, could still feel the cocktails churning within me, was not feeling my best from all the food and alcohol and was at that phase where I was thinking “I’ve got to get back to the gym now” but to be honest was not that excited about it.

Adam made me feel alive again and provided me with the enthusiasm to get rocking! An amazing feeling came over me and I had never felt so excited about exercise before now.

Adams genuine interest in supporting me was the most crucial element, to have someone believe you can do it, which has now led to me believing I can too. For the first time in a long time the part of my body that I truly believe would never be able to look any different, has in fact done so.

Adam is responsible for this initial ‘take off’ but in his humble opinion he will always quote back “you did this Jo” and he is right, and what an awesome feeling that is indeed. I feel amazing, like 10 years has been taken off my life! Sometimes we just need a new direction and Adam has certainly provided me with that!

I believe if you are lucky enough to have Adam in your life to help you achieve your goals, you will not be disappointed. Whatever your age, size or fitness level Adam will look after you, and make YOU feel amazing, not just your body but your mind and soul too!

Gone are the thoughts “I’m old, I can’t do that” and in are the thoughts “I can do that”.

“I am 48 years old, never thought I’d be doing cartwheels again! I am proud and extremely thankful for meeting Adam.