Al transformation12/08/2015

I achieved my target today, a total weight loss of 7 stone! After years of battling with food, weight and fitness I was constantly “yo yoing” with my weight and at times getting really down – then Adam came into my life!

My “yo yoing” was driven by emotional eating, which I am sure plenty of people can relate to. I was losing control of my eating habits and sometimes my weight would increase by 5lbs in a week! With Adam’s support, belief and encouragement I began to realise I could do it and I started to believe in myself and gained full control of my nutrition and stopped using the excuse that my emotions were forcing me to eat, amongst plenty of other excuses.

 Adam asked, with politeness, the right questions and pushed me to limits I did not know I was capable of. The further added benefit you will receive from Adam is how to control your food intake and also enjoy what you are eating and still achieve your results – it was made so simple. With his support, belief and having someone to talk to about the reasons I was going back and forth with my weight made me realise I could do it and I started to believe in myself that I could too!

In the past I have been negative towards Personal Trainers and never enjoyed one on one training, I felt like just another number and I needed and wanted more support. With Adam it was different, I found his methods really enjoyable, varied and addictive! His support and mentoring was always there when ever I needed it and he seems to know when to send you that motivational message at just the right time! I feel my strength, health and confidence growing. I can honestly say that after only a few weeks with Adam I can now look in the mirror and accept me for who I am and look forward to who I am becoming.

I was always hiding at the back of the gym classes but now I am the one right at the front encouraging others to follow. The over all key benefit from working with Adam is how to sustain my health, weight, food and fitness for the rest of my life! I now know 100% I can achieve my goals and become the best version of myself.